Program opportunities

Esztergom látképe

Esztergom and its neighborhood provide a lot of different opportunities for our guests to spend their free time in any season of the year.

Some of these opportunities are:

  • Visiting museums (e.g. Water-, Christian Museum, Babits-house)
  • Sightseeing: visiting the Basilica, the Castle of Esztergom, and the Treasury of the Cathedral
  • Air trip above the Danube Bend
  • Swimming: Slovakia – Párkány, Lake Palatinusz – Esztergom (Suburbs)
  • Hiking in the Pilis mountain
  • Bicycle tours (routes Esztergom-Pilismarót, Esztergom-Dobogókő)
  • Fishing at one of the neighboring lakes
  • Renting kayak or canoe at the bank of the Little Danube
  • Playing tennis at Prímás island
  • Sightseeing tour with local train
  • Horse riding in Basaharc or Klastrom Lovasudvar (Riding Ranch) in Kesztölc
  • Bob and canopy at Visegrád